Yes, C2AGE is a family friendly event and it is suitable for all age groups to attend.

Yes, participants are not allowed to wear too revealing outfits as well as clothes that deliver negative messages.

Yes, there is no charges for entry to the event. However, if visitors would like to participate in the competitions, there will be registration fees charges.(Information for fees charges will be posted in our social media.)

Yes. Since C2AGE is an open venue, visitors are allowed to bring their own food and drinks. However, visitors should be careful to avoid spilling food and drinks.

The event will be starting at 11.00am for both days.

Yes, please refer to the weapon policy shown at the bottom of this page.


1) Attendees are not permitted to carry any kind of live steel or functional projectile weapons. This includes:-

  • Metal knives, swords, bayonets, cane swords, and/or any other objects made of metal with have been sharpened or have a sharp edge.
  • Pellet guns, air guns, stun guns, dart or blowguns, crossbows, and/or any other model which can be loaded or have ammunition.
  • Generally, any weapon which is capable of cutting or inflicting damage.

2) Cosplayers who wish to employ the use of prop weapons are required to have their weapons inspected at our Prop Counter.

3) Please do not use a prop weapon to endanger, harm, or threaten another person.

4) Please do not brandish or swing the weapon in a way which may be seemed as being threatening.

5) Weapons which are deemed unsafe by the C2AGE staff may be confiscated and kept at the Prop Counter. They will be returned to you after the event has finished.