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Cosplay, Comics, Anime and Games Exhibition or short C2AGE, is an initiative by HELP University to introduce the youth community to the amazing and enticing world of Japanese animation, American comics and those with a passion for gaming. HELP University is striving to promote the historically unique Japanese culture amongst our youth and is the first private institution of higher learning to initiate an ACG event of such proportion. HELP University's aim is to host one of the biggest anime conventions in the Asia Pacific Region and HELP University would like to contribute to this increasing popularity. Besides promoting Japanese comics, we are also striving to promote American comics by DC Comics and Marvel Comics.

Two foundation students and a lecturer mooted an idea for a cosplay cafe that eventually spawned to the birth of the event. The central idea behind C2AGE was to raise awareness and educate the general public, especially the youth, on the fundamentals of cosplay, comics and anime. The pioneering students and lecturer wanted to provide a platform for students from private institutions of higher learning to have fun indulging in a healthy form of entertainment primarily and to network and foster goodwill amongst other youth involved in animation, comics and games (ACG) events. As it was their very first event, their aim was to make the event pleasant and enjoyable, never thinking of developing into an ACG event of huge proportions like Comic Fiesta. In 2007 and 2008, about 20 cosplayers and 80 other participants attended the event at HELP University.

2009: The Early Stages

In 2009, C2AGE was graced with the presence of His Excellency Masahiko Horie, the Japanese Ambassador to Malaysia and Malaysian Recording Artist, Ms Hannah Tan. The presence of H.E. Masahiko Horie boosted relations between HELP University and the Japanese, and the strength of the relationship is still present till to date during C2AGE. Ms Hannah Tan, a former ambassador of Animax Asia, is well known in the youth scene and has been involved in youth development programs, namely her H-Factor workshop in 2008, which exposed youth from around Malaysia to the importance of leadership, team work & entrepreneurship. C2AGE 2009 saw a participation of 300 youth.

2010: Charity Drive

In 2010, C2AGE went a step further in aid of orphans. We were also able to share and help children cope with their daily challenges and to bring about happiness to their lives by introducing them to anime, manga and comics through C2AGE 2010. C2AGE was organised in Tropicana City Mall and was a charity event in aid of Agathians Shelter and Rumah Nursalam. An amount of RM6, 000 was raised and channelled to the two homes. A crowd of close to 2,000 attended C2AGE 2010.

2011: C2AGE F.I.V.E. (Freeing Imagination via Entertainment)

C2AGE took it one step further in the year 2011. What was once only a single day event, was now organized over a period of two days due to the overwhelming support from the public. In 2011, C2AGE was attended not only by locals, such as those from Petaling Jaya and Kuala Lumpur, but also visitors from nearby states such as Melaka, Penang and even Singapore. The committee that consisted of 100 students successfully organized many activities and games throughout the event. As many as 40 booths were set up to display and sell a variety of collection items as well as arts & crafts. C2AGE 2011 also saw a tie-up between C2AGE and JPM Motorsport, organizer of the Japan Super GT series in Malaysia. Through this collaboration, C2AGE 2011 was graced with the presence of 2 GT Queens from the Super GT Queen competition. A GT Japan race car was also brought in specially to be put on display during this event. The event, in total, had a participation of close to 4,000 people.

2012: C2AGE W.O.W (World of Wonders)

For the 6th C2AGE, the event was organized in Tropicana City Mall, Petaling Jaya and was held for 3 consecutive days starting from Friday and ending on Sunday. The close relations between HELP University and the Japanese society were proven when once again, the Japanese Ambassador, the honourable Masahiko Horie was present to officiate the event. C2AGE 2012 was also graced with the presence of two international recording artists; Shiomaru, an up-coming Malaysian songstress in the Japanese market, and a musical group from Singapore called Star Prince.

2013: C2AGE SLAM

Cosplay, Comics, Anime and Games Exhibition (C2AGE): Seventh Legendary Animation Mania (S.L.A.M) was organized by HELP University on 8th and 9th June 2013. The event was held at HELP College of Arts and Technology and the official partners were Tourism Selangor, HELP CAT, TraXX.fm and Japan Foundation. To add more value to the event, international and national cosplayers were invited for special appearances. Among them were Alodia Gosiengfiao, Ashley Gosiengfiao, Ayase, Clive Lee, Kaoru, Keith and Reika Arikawa. Exhibitions such as Batman Evolution, Game X, 501st Legion, Mega Jigsaw Puzzle, Miniature Car, We Can Be Heroes and Toys were conducted during the event as well. All in all, the highlighted event that none should have missed was the Mirai Suenaga Itasha III Exclusive Showcase!


The highly anticipated C2AGE of 2014 was the largest event held by HELP University by far. Themed RAVE - Radicalizing Anime via Entertainment, the event was held on the 10th and 11th May 2014 (Saturday & Sunday) at HELP College of Arts and Technology.

Many international guests were invited such as Reika from Japan, Hiiro from Japan, Clive Lee from Singapore, Plallen from Thailand, Zeasonal from Thailand and more. Visitors to this event also had a chance to win a brand-new Samsung Smart Phone + Gear and a PSP Vita when visitors purchased their ticket online, and be qualified for a lucky draw. All participants of C2Age 2014 who purchased tickets online also got a Tune Talk RM10 top up for free!

C2AGE 2015

C2AGE 2015 returned better than before. In 2015, C2AGE teamed up with Synergy Lego User Group, DC Universe Showcase and Christopher Tan to showcase their most popular creations which promotes a platform for fans to interact and learn from these experts.

Famous A-Listers of the cosplay world such as King from Taiwan, Saffron from Hong Kong, and Kisakiurumi from Japan. Singer cum cosplayer Ashley Gosengfiao of the Philippines graced the two days event.

Needless to say, there were new, surprising activities and events that surely left a memory in the hearts of our fellow participants.

C2AGE 2022

C2AGE 2022 had returned better after the pandemic. In 2022, C2AGE has collaborated with Synergy Lego User Group, Gundam, to promote their most popular and amazing creations by bringing fans to together through interaction.

Various competitions were also held during the event to encourage visitors to participate and showcase their talents through these competitions.

Lastly, it was wonderful to witness that the event had managed to bring fans together in a form of unity. Surely, it had left an unforgettable memory among the fans.

C2AGE 2023

C2AGE Reloaded 2023 was a blast! The event buzzed with incredible performances, thrilling competitions, and tons of gaming fun. Fans got to meet their favorite cosplayers like Yushiro and Sally Dorasnow, and check out amazing art from talented artists. The excitement didn't stop there – the Star Wars Malaysia Fan Club was there too, adding even more magic to the event. It was a weekend full of unforgettable moments and pure joy for everyone involved.