Meoral Artworks started due to a passion for art.

Meoral Artworks began showcasing its artworks through a flea market booth every weekend at a shopping mall in Petaling Jaya. From then on, we have also regularly participated in exhibitions and special events.

Most of the artworks are based on showcasing classic cars like the VW Beetle, Mercedes and the Mini range among others.

We are commissioned regularly to produce specific artworks for customer's car/s and including classic car collections. Besides automotive artworks, we also specialise in artworks for famous superhero/ supervillain and anime characters and occasionally other specific requirements.

Over the years, we are privileged to have been able to provide our specialised and meticulously prepared works to a wide range of satisfied and happy customers, young and old, both local and foreign. These customers some of whom are indeed long time or regular customers, have either bought our range of artworks off the shelf or specially commissioned orders.

We look forward to serving you.