Psycho Bando

Psycho Bando (Band)

For our upcoming performance lets welcome Psycho Bando! Hailing from Universiti Tunku Abdul Rahman, this is their first venture on performing outside the university. Looking to make a name for themselves in the ACG and local band scene with their unique mixture of members with their singer from the north Kelvin (greets the crowd) ; the trio of strings men, Wayne (guitar solo) , Jet (guitar solo) and Kawing (guitar solo) ; The electrifying bass player Adam (bass solo) ; The groove centric drummer Caleb (drum solo) and last but not least their classically inclined keyboardist Vincent (keyboard solo) .They blend the melodic , technical and heavy sounds of jrock and pop to create a cacophonic wall of sound that will melt faces as well as pull the heartstrings of those who dare to listen. Give it up for Psycho Bando!!

Instagram: psychobando_5150